16 Empowering Beliefs to Live by

James left Tina right on the altar. Tina was in pain, disbelief, distraught and disappointed. To her this meant the end of her life. Sometimes, life doesn’t play nice towards us. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be happy again and live the life that you ever wanted.

The turning point in such dire circumstances all starts by using the power of positive thinking to keep up head straight. This article provides some of these empowering beliefs that you can use in your daily life.

Empowering Beliefs to Make You Smile

1. I embrace change. Accept that life is a series of changes. Focus on the present moment, and prepare yourself to adapt to whatever circumstances come your way.

2. I count my blessings. List each thing that you have to be grateful for. Remember to include the smaller items, like warm socks or tart cranberries. Expressing your appreciation reminds you of how rich you are.

3. I learn from mistakes. You can make setbacks work for you by focusing on the lessons that they contain. Flubbing one job interview can teach you how to ace the next one.

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