About Me

We are very much alike. Having satisfaction, happiness and living the life of our dreams is what we want. This requires that we never let our heads down and lose hope as strive to achieve this. In fact what is really needed is candid advice, inspiration and support in our lives.

My name is Datoru Igbikiberesima, I am a blogger and a writer. I studied biochemistry while in college.

Growing up and having to deal with depression are some of the challenges I have experienced.

Besides that I am someone who has a never say die attitude. Also, I can be said to be loyal friend, been the person you can always count on.

The world today has a lot of varieties in it. Here some examples of this variety is seen wildlife, nature and even human behavior. I strongly believe that nobody is good or bad, since each person has different strengths and weaknesses.

The reason I started blogging was to connect with people whom might also be saddled with heavy hearts.

So as humans there is always a need for getting guidance which can be through answers and motivations.

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